Sign Services, Support and Rental

Project Management

Regardless of how great a design solution is for a client, it is only as good as the management of the project. Eastern Sign Tech realizes that having a dedicated staff to shepherd the project through all tasks and deadlines is necessary to the ultimate success of a project.

​Our project management team will navigate you from beginning to the end of each of your sign projects. Our knowledge of sign codes and awareness of township ordinances allows us to overcome any obstacles that could delay your projects. EST’s ultimate goal is to make it happen, no matter what it takes. Our reliable and knowledgeable project management team brings ten years of experience to each of your jobs, your project is of utmost importance to us. The results will reflect this to be true.

Our Service Department

Whether it be hi-rise signs, LED boards, standard wall & pylon signs, parking lot lights, etc. we have the experience to find solutions to any of your sign problems. Eastern Sign Tech always has crews ready to respond to your service needs. Our service team can diagnose any sign problems. Our Service department is equipped to keep you well informed of the progress of your sign project so you can rest assured that you and your sign will never be left in the dark.

​We now offer budget-friendly maintenance contracts. Call us at 1-888-744-6701 for details.

Crane Rentals

Eastern Sign Tech has a wide array of cranes ranging from 60 to 170 available for rent to fulfill all of your lifting needs. Our crane rental service is outfitted with the crane for your size project, a licensed operator, and most lifting accessories required to assist you with your project. Rentals are available in half-day, full-day, and weekly increments.

​The next time you are required to lift trusses, steel, air conditioners, compressors, etc. Eastern Sign Tech is more than happy to be at your service.

Need Help with Your Signage? We Are Experts.